Drakensberg, South Africa
Hougaard Malan

So, a crazy incident that happened right down the road from me last week… a guy’s body was found in the dump. They linked it to two individuals who were cleaning out a house after the tenants were evicted. Those two individuals made a second trip to the dump after bringing the body which was placed on TOP of a bunch of garage bags in the bed of a truck. So their story is that they thought the guy was a mannequin, and he was found hanging in the garage. They thought it was some kind of prank by the evicted tenants. Now, I know someone who is working this case, and according to her, the guy stunk so bad and had maggots crawling all over him. So tell me, how can someone think this was a mannequin?! The only thing that could have made this case even better was if the body fell out of the bed of the truck onto the main road they were on.